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Wine etiquette from India

Another disappointment about not going to London next week is that I shan't have the chance to sample the wines of Mercury Winery from the Nasik Valley, north-east of Mumbai on the west coast of India, who wrote to us recently to see if we'd care to meet at the fair. Here's a guide to etiquette from their website that is pragmatic and informative, presented with what I think is a very engaging fusion of formal and informal codes.

4 thoughts on “Wine etiquette from India”

  • Elke

    Julia, I feel for you not being able to go the wine fair. Loved to go myself but since it is trade only...we both will have to suffer through that. But I am sure that your colleague will be charming her way through the 'hard work' ahead of her.

    Love the Mercury wine tasting etiquette. Nicer website than most French ones.... ;-)

  • Elke

    Sorry....forgot the 'n' at the end of your name.....no offense please. JULIAN

  • Julian

    Thanks Elke, none taken. Mostly I get called Adrian or Justin anyway - I really don't mind. I remember being in a house with a Julia and a Julie for a while once: that was pretty trying, because, whichever name was called, we all answered.

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