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New Reward Card for Bubble Brothers Customers


Pick one of these babies up next time you're in the Marina or English Market. As you can see from the picture and accompanying text, you get a fetching 'BB' stamp for every €25 you spend, and when you've amassed six of them we give you a free bottle. Can't say fairer than that?

3 thoughts on “New Reward Card for Bubble Brothers Customers”

  • warren knowles

    As if I needed another reason to drink wine!

  • Paul J

    Ha! Which shop do you go into anyway, Warren, the English Market or the Marina? I'm sure we'll meet once I'm properly onsite from next month.

    Paul / Bubble Brothers

  • warren knowles
    warren knowles August 3, 2011 at 3.26 pm

    English Market, usually on a Saturday.

    Don't work in the city centre so its the only chance I get...

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